Engage your audience with animated video

As we noted in our previous blog, video is an important engagement tool in the social media landscape. The progress in device technology and accelerating speed of the internet means that video streaming is more accessible across social media than ever before.

The rise of video in marketing

The world of video marketing continues to grow and companies have the opportunity to grow with it. As reported by YouTube, the world watches 1 billion hours of video per day. For marketers worldwide, there is a huge potential return on investment (ROI) here.

Indeed, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, with 92% of marketers who use video saying that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy (HubSpot).

In recent years, there has been an increase in animated video – a format that uses motion graphics, and is easy to digest, entertaining and engaging. Animation is said to resonate and interact with viewers, offering a story to follow like a cartoon.

So, why should you consider animated video as part of your content plan?

Animated video is less expensive

In the earlier days of content marketing, video was more a luxury for those companies who could afford the budget. However, as motion graphics have advanced in quality and production, such services are more readily accessible.

This is because, unlike live action footage, animated video is generated and not captured. There is no need for a camera man, studio time, models, travel or additional expenses. Motion graphics are a cost-effective solution that enables video production at a fraction of the time and cost.

Animated explainer videos are king

HubSpot reported in a recent survey that entertaining, funny and informative video content is the most preferred. 61% of consumers surveyed worldwide want to learn something from the videos they see on social media. Introducing the explainer video…

Explainer videos or ‘explanimations’ give viewers a short, concise explanation of a subject in a simple and engaging, visual presentation. Explainer videos are suitable for multiple uses, from quick product, service or process explainers, to a full-blown corporate movie.

As explainers are generally only a few minutes long, your audience won’t have time to lose interest. With a combination of a well-thought-out, scripted storyboard and high-quality animation, an explainer video can turn complex messages into a comprehensive digestible marketing video.

Animation strengthens brand presence

More than a third of all video marketing budgets are now directed toward branded videos (Forbes). Animation has the ability to create the most prominent branded content, which is why many businesses opt for animation over live footage.

Animation allows you to tell your story exactly how you want to, because almost anything can be created with motion graphics. Whether it’s visuals that can’t be captured with the camera lens, getting that Pantone reference exactly right, or an animated character who embodies a true brand identity, any vision is possible with animation.

Motion graphics

Capturing content for a live action video project can be an unnecessary expense. Motion graphics can be used to freshen up existing content. Consider using a mixture of live footage and animated content. You can even reinvent an existing bank of content with animated additions and clever editing.

At RED, we are experts in content creation and can help you storyboard new video productions that maximise your assets and budget. Get in touch to learn how we can make animations work for you.