Bring your story to life

In the current landscape of social media, we’ve seen that video has quickly become king in terms of audience engagement. More recently, animated videos (sometimes referred to as ‘explanimations’ depending on the style) have moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a key part of some campaigns. Here’s why.

If you’ve read our recent blog about content marketing, you’ll remember that an important aspect is to offer (potential) customers useful information. Animations are a great method of communicating complex ideas in a straightforward way. For example, ‘how-to’ guides and e-learning, or to explain a retail rewards programme.

There’s a commonly held belief that animations are a luxury that’s only for big companies. In fact, they can be highly cost-effective and deliver noticeable results. Animations are also more likely to snag viewers with short attention spans, connect with their emotions, and (let’s be honest) are sometimes just plain entertaining.

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