Unique LinkedIn ideas for construction companies

Have you hit a brick wall with your social media plan? LinkedIn is prime real-estate for construction companies to share updates to reach those in the industry, attract new talent and generate leads, but what should you post about? Here are five LinkedIn content ideas we think will help you stand out from the crowd:

Historic timelines

Showcase the heritage of your company through a timeline graphic showing key milestones and achievements over the years. Not only does this offer your followers an insight into the business, but also portrays trust and experience to your customers. Thank suppliers, key stakeholders, or anyone else who played a part in the journey and ask them to like and share the post to reach more people.  

Instead of a graphic, the post could be a video reel, an image of the company in its infancy compared to the business now or an interview with an employee – anything that denotes a long-standing presence in the industry.

Top three projects

Give your projects the spotlight they deserve and showcase your top three on LinkedIn. We’d recommend using high-quality photography or video and sharing these either as a collection of images or as a carousel.

Depending on the scale of your business, you could share your top projects monthly or quarterly, and make it a regular feature in your social media plan. Take this one step further by writing an article on each of the top three (or more), explaining why they stand out, challenges, solutions, and learnings. 

Testimonial videos

We can all capture content on our mobile phones, and while user-generated content can be highly engaging, when it comes to customer testimonials we’re an advocate for high-quality, expertly produced videography, which focusses on the customer’s experience. An article by Forbes states viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in an article, highlighting the importance of video testimonials as well as written reviews. 

Videos can build trust and credibility, not only for your target audience and potential customers, but also for the subject featured in the video. Investing in their story and giving them a platform to share their feedback is a great way to cement a business relationship and celebrate the end of a successful project – not to mention provide them with free exposure!

A day in the life of…

Popular on Instagram, a ‘takeover’ gives the opportunity for a team member to control the social media activity for a short period of time, usually throughout a working day. This allows for a fresh perspective and unique content based on the individual’s personality and role. 

The team member could document their day via photos and videos, share a blog they have created or post written updates about their specific field of expertise. As ‘takeovers’ are traditionally used on Instagram, taking a similar approach on LinkedIn will help your business to stand out as well as give exposure to perhaps a lesser-known service. 

Opinion polls

LinkedIn introduced the ability to add polls to posts in May 2020, however they’re vastly underutilised. They can be useful for gathering quick feedback without the need for comments, making users more likely to engage. You can create a poll about almost anything relating to your business, but here are a few ideas to get you started…

  • Which emerging construction technology excites you the most?
  • Do you believe sustainable construction practices are becoming more important in the industry?
  • What is the most influential factor for you when choosing a supplier?
  • Would you prioritise sustainably sourced building materials in a construction project?
  • Do you believe continuous education and training are important for construction professionals?
  • How do you think artificial intelligence will impact the construction sector?

We hope this helps to demolish any writer’s block and creates a foundation for an engaging, ever-evolving LinkedIn presence. If you would like help bringing these ideas to life, take a look at our digital media services