Connect with Hitachi

With many construction industry shows and exhibitions either cancelled or postponed for the second consecutive year, Hitachi Construction Machinery UK (HCMUK) tasked RED with producing a new online event to launch its latest products.


Working closely with the client, we devised a varied list of interesting and informative content for a video production. And as we embarked on travelling from as far north as Cumbria and as far south as Oxfordshire to gather the video footage and interviews required, HCMUK invited their customers and specialist press to join the event in July.


The 33.5-minute feature-packed programme – under our proposed theme of “Connect with Hitachi” – included:


  • a walk around presentation of one of the new models
  • an operator testing another one of the latest machines on a ‘live’ job site
  • an overview of Hitachi Connected Technology, including all the key suppliers
  • and a customer testimonial of Hitachi’s remote monitoring system.


The surprise for viewers was that the content was presented by one of HCMUK’s employees from a series of popular landmarks in and around the company’s base on Tyneside. The reaction from everyone at HCMUK, its customer base and media representatives were hugely positive and complimentary, and we would like to thank all concerned for their cooperation and contribution.


To see more, you can view the fruits of our labour via this link.