Vive le rouge!

Do you ever wonder how supermarkets stay packed with products 24/7? RED headed to Le Mans in France to see the process first-hand, encountering the odd robot along the way…

A retail giant

Le Mans is most well-known for the Circuit de la Sarthe, where the famous 24 Hueres du Mans race is held every year. Requiring slightly less endurance, Andy and Jon touched down on a different stretch of French tarmac to begin a new movie project.

The REDs were on a mission to film behind the scenes at one of France’s largest hypermarché chains – E.Leclerc. Anyone who has holidayed in the country will be familiar with the company’s iconic blue ‘L’ logo, which looms large over its stores nationwide.

Happy customers

However, keeping shoppers satisfied is a full-time job! That’s why E.Leclerc has a network of giant distribution centres all over France to ensure that its patrons never go without. One of these is located in the area of Socamaine, just to the east of Le Mans.

Andy and Jon were joined there by Vanderlande’s Diane in order to create more marketing materials for its ‘World of Vanderlande’ campaign. The company had recently installed a state-of-the-art sorting system for E.Leclerc, and integrated a host of new technology.

A night for heroes!

This included robotic loading arms that are used to build pallets in a heartbeat, ready to be despatched to local stores. Getting creative, the team used time-lapse photography to really showcase the speed of the technology involved

And just when Jon thought he could relax, there was an epic night of Champions League football ahead. Sitting among a room of PSG fans, his beloved Man Utd had to overcome a 2-0 deficit to progress in the contest. An unbelievable 94th-minute penalty saw the Red Devils claim victory in unlikely fashion!

Another win

After a memorable trip, the shoot had been a success and it was a pleasure for the guys to have worked with Diane for the first time. Her exceptional French translation skills were also a welcome addition! Thanks must also go to Vanderlande’s Olivier Labous for his good humour and escorting the team.