In Romania with HCME

Road to Romania

In Romania with HCME

You might think that travelling to the home of Transylvania on a dark Halloween evening would be a daunting experience? Not so for Andy and Jon. They had an incredible three days in Romania on behalf of our client, HCME.

Fun projects

Touching down in Otopeni Airport, the REDs quickly made contact with Machiel from HCME and Vlad, from Hitachi’s local dealer Utirom. Checking into the appropriately named Aviator Hotel nearby, the team had a busy schedule ahead in the land of the Carpathian Mountains, mysterious castles, brown bears and Dacia cars.

Speaking of which… the team’s first visit was to Dacia’s main automobile plant near Bucharest. Here, one of Hitachi’s customers was helping to extend the facilities with a new medium excavator. Andy and Jon were on a special assignment to document the high performance of a Hitachi bucket being used on site.

Of course, this was a fun project to work on. Especially when the customer professes to be a ‘long-time Hitachi fan’. From there, the group headed to the majestic Argeș River, which flows all the way through Romania to the Black Sea. At this picturesque job site, another satisfied Hitachi customer was gathering aggregates from the riverbed.

A whirlwind tour

With that, day two came to a happy conclusion. This marked the beginning of RED’s unofficial tour of Romania’s capital, courtesy of Utirom’s Sales Manager, Alex. Proving to be a wealth of cultural and historical knowledge, he took the guys to a number of amazing locations around the city.

These included the enormous Palace of the Parliament, the Salvation Cathedral – currently under construction – and a memorable seafood dinner in the heart of Bucharest’s old town.

All in a day’s work     

Day three began with another visit. This time to Utirom’s main facilities, which were a hive of activity. It was then time to drive to customer number three – a demolition site just outside the city of Ploiești. Thanks to the team from Utirom, Andy and Jon were able to secure a number of interesting movies and written features for HCME’s Ground Control magazine.

We would like to say a big RED thank you to Utirom’s Vlad, Alex, George and Simone for welcoming us to their beautiful country. Your positivity, good humour and professionalism shone through at all times.