Vanderlande Sustainability Report 2022

RED was delighted to support Vanderlande in creating editorial content for the latest edition of its Sustainability Report. The company – which builds automated logistic solutions for the airport, warehousing and parcel sectors – is taking serious action to make its operations and supply chains more sustainable.

The 64-page publication provides a round-up of Vanderlande’s overall approach, performance and activities specifically undertaken between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2022. The scope of the work is both fascinating and extensive, covering the environmental and human aspects of sustainability.

To realise its ambitions, Vanderlande has defined four missions: zero carbon footprint; circular economy; good business; and fulfilling experience. By sifting source material and conducting a series of interviews with experts, RED was able to help the company write clear, concise copy on these subjects and related issues.

We hope the report provides a compelling and inspiring read, and perhaps one that encourages other businesses to enhance their own green credentials.

You can download a pdf of the sustainability report from Vanderlande’s website here.