Proud to work with “the logistic Mercedes Benz”

When RED visited the parcel carrier PPL CZ during a cold spell in November, there may not have been many tourists around, but nonetheless we enjoyed our stay in the beautiful historic town of Hradec Králové. We were there to see the company’s new 46,000m2 transhipment centre, featuring an automated sorting system supplied by our client Vanderlande.

PPL is part of the DHL eCommerce division and specialises in parcel transportation in the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe. The company is delighted with the performance of its Vanderlande CROSSORTER solution, which has the capacity to handle up to 500,000 parcels every day. 

It was a pleasure to meet and interview PPL’s Dalibor Doubek (Process and Program Manager) and David Voznička (Operations Director) for the World of Vanderlande campaign. Dalibor even supplied us with one of the quotes of the year when he said: “Vanderlande is high quality and in PPL we say they are like a logistic Mercedes Benz.”

As well as thanking the two interviewees for their time, we must show our appreciation to the incredibly helpful and enthusiastic marketing team of Ondrej and Lenka. They went over and beyond the call of duty by supplying us with everything we needed, from late night access to the system (when it’s busiest) to the amazing catering.

After we had completed our work, the flight schedule afforded us the opportunity to have a quick look around Hradec Králové. The old town stands on a low outcrop of sandstone between the Orlice and Elbe rivers, and its marketplace received town rights way back in 1225! As always, we enjoyed the company of our client Diane as we took in some impressive landmarks and a personal highlight, the Satlava restaurant – so good we ate there twice!