India recruitment movies

A passage to India

India recruitment movies

When RED was asked by an international client to bolster its recruitment drive, we jumped at the chance! As a result, Andy and Jon headed to the bustling city of Pune in India to create more movies as part of Vanderlande’s ‘Challenges in Motion’ campaign.

A warm welcome

Alongside Paul and Glenn’s efforts in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, the RED team went truly global when Andy and Jon boarded their flight to Delhi. Joined by a familiar face from Vanderlande, the team’s final destination was the historic metropolis of Pune, known for its thriving market in software development.

The first visit was to Vanderlande’s local office – VOICE – where the guys received a hospitable welcome. From there, a busy schedule of movie-making followed.

Andy got to know the interviewees, as well as create memorable quotes for their individual films that reflected their personalities. Jon’s creativity came to the fore when setting up some shot compositions that perfectly showcased the dynamic and varied work carried out at VOICE.

Thanks to the team’s efforts, everyone interviewed in Pune was delighted with the results. The regional HR Manager also went so far as to say that the movies were “a treasure trove of opportunities for my talent acquisition team”.

Seeing the sights

During their week-long visit, Andy and Jon were also fortunate to see some of the local sights. This was courtesy of a tour kindly laid on by the VOICE office. Cue trips to local forts, temples, ‘chai’ (tea) houses and Pune’s fashion district. The last stop gave the team an ideal opportunity to buy souvenirs, including locally-produced ‘saris’, for their families before heading home.

As always, trips such as these simply wouldn’t be possible without the assistance and professionalism of our clients at Vanderlande. We would like to say a massive thank you to Marjolein for her good humour and support on site, as well as Rashmi and her team from the VOICE office for making us feel so welcome.