Austrian hospitality delivers on all fronts

When RED and client Vanderlande decamped to the beautiful Austrian city of Linz earlier this year they enjoyed some wonderful hospitality.

The team was on a visit to film sorting equipment that had been installed in a new parcel depot run by Austrian Post, and undertake interviews with key personnel.

The new 50,000m2 facility at nearby Allhaming is in fact Austria’s largest parcel sorting hub and ranks as one of the leading logistics centres of its type in Europe. As always when filming reference videos, RED relies heavily on the goodwill and support of Vanderlande’s customers. Timescales are tight and there is much to get through before the flight home!

On this occasion, we would really like to thank Austrian Post for going the extra mile – or kilometre in this case – in making us feel welcome and understanding our needs. Andrea Pilz-Kapfinger, Austrian Post’s Regional Logistic Centre Manager, was unwell on the day of filming but still came in to do her interview.

Another shout out goes to Andrea’s colleague and fellow interviewee, Helmut Pernsteiner. Helmut works in the company’s system technology logistics team and was good enough to tell us about his favourite local restaurant for one of our meals. He was also so kind as to come along and join us for dinner after a hard day’s work, which made for a memorable evening. Thanks also to Malou from Vanderlande for her support and enthusiasm on this successful shoot.

Watch the video above, or check it out on YouTube here.