Mighty Montenegro mission

Read how Andy and Jon fared when they headed to Montenegro on behalf of our client Hitachi during an unseasonably warm October.

Mining for content

RED’s mission was to visit Montenegro’s only coal mine to film and photograph two Hitachi ultra-large excavators on site. It was also important to secure enough copy to contribute to Hitachi’s customer magazine, Ground Control. The content would also be distributed through its social media channels and used in Hitachi’s digital publication, iGround Control.

The RED team arrived in Belgrade (Serbia) to meet local dealers Ivan and Miroslav. From there, a six-hour journey by car was needed to take the guys across the border into Montenegro, and the town of Pljevlja.

Friendly hosts

The REDs were made to feel especially welcome by the mine’s board of directors, who were full of interesting stories about the site’s history and its involvement with Hitachi construction machinery. This was followed by an afternoon spent shooting the machines at work.

Day two picked up where the first day had finished with more filming on site. This included interviewing the operators of the two machines (an EX1200-6 and EX2600-6) to hear their positive opinion about working with the excavators.

Once filming had wrapped, there was no time to waste. The REDs bade a quick farewell to their friendly hosts before making a return journey through the wonderful Serbian countryside on their way back to the airport.

We’d like to offer our thanks to Miroslav for acting as our guide and translator, and to Ivan and Machiel for helping to make the trip possible! See the movie from our visit here.