Unique Tuscan charm

When visiting the Chianti region of Tuscany for the first time with my family in 2017, I wondered at the beauty of the rolling hills and vineyards in the early morning and late evening sun

The local people were suffering as much as we were in the afternoon heat, with record highs of almost 50°C. They were also worried about the affect the extreme heat would have on their crops of grapes and olives in the autumn.

Little did I know that I’d have the privilege of visiting the same region twice more in 2018-19 to meet a Hitachi customer in Radda in Chianti, Agrichianti, who explained how the region is equipped for the local tourism, wine and olive oil industries. And at the heart of it all… a fleet of 14 Zaxis excavators!

Agrichianti relies on its Hitachi construction machinery to help it prepare the ground for vineyards and planting vines. The contractor specialises in earthmoving and landscaping under the ownership and management of the Fronti family.

Founded in 1959, Agrichianti’s speciality is preparing soil for planting vines and installing drainage systems. This process involves excavating 1.2m-deep trenches, laying the drainage pipes, and then covering them in stones and soil.

At the same time, another machine digs the soil on each site and removes the larger rocks with the aid of a special bucket. The company is usually working at around 20 different sites in the area and has at least three machines allocated to each project.

“We are renowned for our landscaping work and preparing the ground for the wine companies,” says owner Fabio Fronti. “We also construct the wine cellars and reclaim the stone to build walls and paths that help to give the countryside its unique charm.”

Thanks to the Fronti family and its Hitachi excavators, visitors like us can enjoy the breathtaking views and sample the extraordinary cuisine – with locally produced Chianti Classico of course.

You can meet the family and see the area in our Hitachi brand movie.