Image of Google Analytics with red overlay and text The Marketing Roundup

The Marketing roundup

Image of Google Analytics with red overlay and text The Marketing Roundup

Not had time to keep up to date with the world of marketing over the last month? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From the AI video and ASA crackdowns, to the downfall of influencer marketing and data sharing for ads.

The downfall of influencer marketing?

86% of people are more likely to trust a brand that posts user-generated content, than one that uses influencers. This is according to a survey by content agency EnTribe, which polled more than 1,000 consumers. And 82% said they would be more likely to purchase from a brand that used more user-generated content as part of its promotional activities.

The switch to GA4 is complete

As of 30 June, Google has turned off Universal Analytics. By now businesses with websites and marketers should have migrated to GA4 and familiarised themselves with the platform. To find out more about some of the new features, you can take a look at our blog post on the transition to GA4.

ASA crackdown on greenwashing

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have updated their guidance on misleading environmental claims and social responsibility. The report means that advertisers need to give proof to claims like ‘green’ or ‘carbon neutral.’ You can read the updated report on the ASA website.

1 in 3 want personal ads, without sharing data

A survey by the YouGov analysis institute discovered that one in three consumers want to see personal and more relevant advertising online… but without having to share their data. Only 6% of respondents would be willing to share personal data.

Google Ads and the rise of AI tools

AI is on the rise. Last month, Google unveiled two new tools that use artificial intelligence to maximise video campaigns – Demand Gen and Video View. According to Google, “They make it easier to connect with consumers and drive demand from the mid-funnel, all the way to purchase.”