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Why is love important for social media growth?

The universally recognised day of love – Valentine’s Day – might have passed you by on Sunday. However, it is important that your business pages spread and receive ‘love’ on social media all year around in order to achieve digital marketing success. Our digital marketer Nicole explains the importance of the reaction buttons on social media (such as ‘like’, ‘love’

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The spooky side of digital marketing

It can often feel like you’re being watched online, for instance when ads pop up on your Facebook feed to display content you searched for on Google. Or an email arrives in your inbox, offering a discount on an item you looked at, but didn’t buy, online. Is there something spooky going on, or is someone watching your every move

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Should you integrate social media on your website?

Are your social media feeds integrated with your website? Many of our clients have begun to use these feeds. It ensures their websites are updated and current at all times, encourages engagement and expands their community beyond the social media platforms. Here’s why we think you should consider it too! Keep your website up to date Your social feeds are

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Why you should include video marketing in your strategy

One of the many services we offer at RED is high-quality and engaging video content. This powerful marketing tool is being utilised more and more by our clients. The use across social media in particular leads to more click-throughs, higher engagement and increased shares. It is critical to include videos in your marketing activities, and will become more important in

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Which Facebook metrics should you be tracking?

Businesses can access a ­­wealth of analytics and insights into how their social media pages/account are performing. However, unless you have a dedicated digital marketing and social media expert, it can be confusing to narrow down which metrics to monitor. Followers People who like your channel and have opted to receive updates in their social media feed. An increased following

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What will digital marketing look like in 2017?

December is upon us and it’s time for businesses to start considering their digital marketing goals and strategies for the year ahead. Before you can think about the following 12 months, it’s important to consider emerging digital trends. We wanted to help give you the best possible start, so here’s what you can expect from 2017… Social media Images and

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Social media cited as the most difficult marketing tool to master

Social media and SEO have been cited as the most difficult tactics to execute when it comes to digital marketing. Ascend2 conducted a study (2016 State of Digital Marketing Survey), interviewing almost 300 marketing professionals to find out what they thought of the current landscape. The study highlighted the two areas as the most challenging to marketers, particularly because they

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