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Share your stories with our animation and video services.

We understand the power that video can have to tell a story, communicate an idea, or simply demonstrate a new product. The fusion of images, words and sounds can have an incredibly profound impact on an audience, and help our clients stand out from the crowd. 

A well-crafted, informative movie can be used as an excellent visual tool across a number of different environments including exhibitions and trade shows, company offices and the web.

Our services:

  • scriptwriting and pre-production planning
  • storyboards and detailed briefs
  • animation and motion graphics
  • shoot planning and management services
  • on-location or studio-based photography and videography
  • editorial services, eg storytelling and interviews
  • art direction services
  • post-production and editorial/finishing
  • final delivery in a wide range of formats.

If you want to tell your story, share ideas or promote new products in an engaging way, get in touch.

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This is a great issue, many thanks – so good that we would like to send out these reports to the press.

Manager Corporate Communication, Probst Maveg, Switzerland

It’s a true international movie- I LOVE it!

Manager - Corporate Communication , Hitachi

The press release is perfect now. No comments at all. Thanks for your quick response!

Marketing and Communication, Royal IHC