Five top tips for quality content writing

Here at RED, content writing is our bread and butter – but sometimes, it can be challenging to keep your editorial engaging. So, our Content Marketing Executive, Emily has collated her best advice to help you keep your marketing-related written work fresh and fun!

Keep it catchy!

It’s so important to grab your readers’ attention from the start, no matter the form of writing. Keep your title and intro snappy and to the point, to draw the audience in and encourage them to read on.

Note your key points…

Before you start assembling your article, blog or press release, note down all your main talking points! You can do this as a bulleted list or on a mind map but make sure you have this to hand, so your piece remains informative.

Refer to a style guide!

Having a set standard or structure to your content can be really helpful when trying to create professional copy – especially if a client has a set way of doing things! Chat with your client and team about developing a style guide you can follow when writing.

Use grammar tools when you’re unsure.

Nobody’s perfect and it’s impossible to avoid mistakes all the time! Errors happen, especially when you’re writing all day. Using tools like Grammarly, or even just having a dictionary/thesaurus to hand can help you spot any typos quickly – just watch out for American spellings with some automatic tools!

Edit once, edit twice, and then edit some more…

Readability is essential and your content needs to be succinct and enjoyable for the reader. Here at RED, every piece of writing is double checked and sub-edited by at least one other member of the team. Try cutting down and proofreading your own work first, then pass it to a friend or colleague for another scan.


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