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YANMAR brand campaign


We presented our client with a breath-taking feature movie and a series of teaser-style edits. In addition, we supplied a press release to promote the campaign, an informative case study and a wide range of stunning images for distribution among the world’s maritime media. Vice President of YANMAR in Japan, our clients – from Osaka to Amsterdam – were over the moon with the high standard of our work and how much coverage it generated on a global scale.


YANMAR and its agency Dentsu – both based in Osaka, Japan – needed a European agency to satisfy its requirements for a global brand campaign. We were selected to visit three boat builders on this content marketing project, the first of which was ‘Silver Arrows Marine’ in the south of France. As part of an in-depth brief, the challenge was to film, photograph, and interview two company directors and their beautiful super yacht in two days.


Yanmar and Silver Arrows were amazed by the quality and impressed by the work. They said it was beyond their expectation and the interview grips exactly what they had imagined!


Scope of work

Extraordinary movies

Impactful design

Creative copywriting

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