Why you should include video marketing in your strategy

One of the many services we offer at RED is high-quality and engaging video content. This powerful marketing tool is being utilised more and more by our clients. The use across social media in particular leads to more click-throughs, higher engagement and increased shares. It is critical to include videos in your marketing activities, and will become more important in the coming years.

Why does video marketing work so well?

Videos are a quick way of getting information across. In an increasingly time-constrained world and workplace, this communication tool is really beneficial for viewers, potential customers and anybody researching your company or brand.

If your audience is particularly short of time, they can plug their headphones in and watch while continuing to carry out other tasks.

On a different thread, videos are also a great way to get across your company’s tone of voice and connect with the audience on an emotional level. You can do this in writing too, and do it very well. However, the addition of visuals, facial expressions and a voice can help turn a brand from faceless to friend.

Isn’t it difficult and expensive?

As technology improves, and cameras and editing software becomes cheaper and more widely available, making videos becomes easier. However, it can be more cost-effective to seek outside help from an agency. Then there’s no need to buy the equipment and you can be sure that the end result will be high-quality.

When you consider that videos offer an increased reach of almost 150% via social media channels, as well as the many other uses – such as presentations, tenders and on your website – they are an excellent investment.

Can RED help?

We can! Find out how we can help you create engaging and informative video marketing materials here!

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