Why ‘Wordle’ is all over your timeline

You’ve all probably seen over the last few weeks odd green and yellow patterns appearing on your social media channels. The culprit is the highly addictive word game, Wordle.

Wordle, an online vocabulary game, is taking the internet by storm and has millions of people hooked. It is a once-per-day game which asks players to figure out a five-letter word. Players receive a maximum of six guesses to complete the word.

Once players complete the game, successful or not, they are given a cryptic-looking block of squares that they can use for bragging rights on social media. To the outside viewer and the ability to read those squares depends on whether they’ve played the game themselves.

The structure of the game will be familiar to anyone who has played the code-breaking board game Mastermind, or for those in the Netherlands who watched the game show Lingo.

Our aim at RED is to always create something worth reading, whether it’s to inform, persuade and/or engage. To do this, it means that we need to use the full scale of the dictionary to help our clients communicate their messages across the world.

“Wordle is a fantastic game which has you hooked, frustrated and boggled all at the same time. Your mind is thinking of every word in existence and your inner competitive side definitely comes out.” Olivia (Digital Marketing Executive)

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Are you going to hop onto the Wordle trend?


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