Why email newsletters are an important marketing tool

The value of email marketing can easily go unrecognised. It isn’t as visible to the general public as a print advertisement in a magazine, a feature on a website, or high numbers of followers on social media.

However, it can be a cost-effective marketing activity that helps to build and maintain relationships with customers, and offer valuable insights into their behaviour.


Emailing customers allows for a certain level of personalisation. With a high-quality database you can personalise with names or send specific content to particular segments, and allow them to manage what they receive.


The great thing about newsletters is that they can touch on many different topics in one swoop. They offer a brilliant opportunity to make recipients aware of products and services they were not already aware of.

Reach and click-through-rate

Unlike many other promotional contents, email campaigns are guaranteed to be delivered to the intended recipient. Click-through rates are also high on email newsletters, and every visit to your website leads a potential customer one step closer to a purchase. Both these points are what makes email marketing so cost-effective and worthwhile.

Can we help you?

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