Which Facebook metrics should you monitor?

Businesses can access a ­­wealth of analytics and insights into how their social media pages/account are performing. However, unless you have a dedicated digital marketing and social media expert, it can be confusing to narrow down which metrics to monitor.


 People who like your channel and have opted to receive updates in their social media feed.

An increased following naturally boosts your chances of performing well on other metrics. Therefore, this could be considered one of the top insights to monitor.

It might seem obvious, but the larger your page following, the more people that will see your posts. This also increases the level of engagement and, in turn, reach. As a business, you want the maximum amount of users to see your marketing content, because it naturally increases your chance of selling your service or product to them.


When people share, like, comment, flick through albums or click on links in your post.

There’s little point updating your social media pages if nobody engages with your content – it’s the digital marketing equivalent of giving a speech to an empty room. Are people sharing, liking and commenting on your posts?

If nobody is engaging, it’s time to experiment with new types of content. And if people are engaging with a particular kind of update, use that information to your advantage and publish more of that.

Many businesses start off by posting the same content across all social media channels, and then look at what is resonating with each audience and tailor accordingly.


How many people in total see a post in their newsfeed – including non-followers.

As above, you want the maximum number of people possible to see your post. It boosts your chances of a potential customer seeing your content and heading over to your website to check out your services.

Facebook’s algorithm plays a large part in how far your posts reach. Things that can affect this include engagement and quality of links. If you are posting quality content, you shouldn’t worry too much about this.

So how can you boost reach? Ensuring your posts encourage people to engage is one way. Including relevant links – clicking these is considered engagement – and posting albums also can greatly help.

What else should I monitor?

If you really want to optimise how you post Facebook content, you can find really useful information in the ‘posts’ tab. Check out when your audience is online, what post types are performing best (ie video or photo) and look at how competitor posts are performing. All this can be used to tailor your planning.

Still need help?

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