What’s going on in the world of social media

Here at RED we like to keep up with the ever-developing social media world and this week we would like to share our four favourite social media updates from August.

How to… TikTok

Starting off with an update from arguably the most dominate social platform of the year, TikTok. TikTok released a new update to create “guidance” videos for brands using the platform for marketing purposes.

These are less than a minute long and consist of an easy breakdown strategy for businesses to finesse the app and gain the most benefit. You can think of these videos of a “how to” style or a step-by-step guide for businesses new to the digital world of TikTok. You can access the videos here.

New LinkedIn feature

On another note, business thriving platform LinkedIn made an interesting announcement in August. They are working “to bring native post scheduling to members and pages soon”.

App researcher Nima Owji recently shared an example of what this new LinkedIn feature could look like.

A native scheduling system for LinkedIn would be a great addition to the app for social media marketers. Although some may argue third-party scheduling systems work just fine, a native system would be far more compatible and reliable when scheduling posts.

Unique views on Twitter

More information from Nima in social media news tells us that “Twitter is going to show you the number of unique views of your tweets”. This is something that users have been hoping for.

Reviewing analytics for your business is always a key step in its development. This new feature from Twitter will help you to learn much more about your customers and followers, allowing you to develop your content to please your audience interest and to reach more people.

Group invite links on Messenger

Additionally in August, Messenger added “group invite links” to their app. This allows admins to add people to a group, which is much easier than ever before. It also saves time when creating new groups or adding people to existing ones, by stopping the need for searching and adding each member separately.

In addition, it is possible for an admin to switch the link off. Being able to send a group invite link means you could send the link to an already existing group, for members to join another, without it being so time consuming.

Meta has also discussed the feature being available for its Instagram app too, allowing admins to share group invite links to their stories. This would be a huge benefit for brands and businesses, allowing their followers the option to chat with your business and other followers/customers.

To find out how to turn on your group invite links and share your own link, click here.

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