What digital marketing trends should we expect in 2018?

Marketing is constantly shape-shifting, particularly from digital perspective. 2017 was a great year for video content and social media in particular. So, what can we expect from digital marketing in 2018?

Optimised video content

Video content will play as important a role in marketing activities in the coming year as it did in 2017. With more and more data available (including stories analytics on Instagram), they will become optimised to different social media channels.

Much of the same video content is being shared across all platforms, but 2018 will be the year of editing movies to meet the needs of viewers specific to the channel.

Vertical video is also on the rise, ensuring content is mobile-optimised, since most people hold their phone in a vertical position.

In addition, live video looks set to continue growing in popularity. It provides brand followers with a more authentic experience and allows them to engage directly in real-time.

Social media advertisement

Advertising through social media offers a strong return for investment and offers the opportunity to promote posts and content to a specific target audience. New algorithm rules that favour friends over brands will result in a higher spend in social media advertising to beat this new system.


Instagram and Facebook stories are a great way to show content. Many bigger brands schedule posts on third-party apps at the beginning of the week and don’t manually go in and post on the spot or engage with followers.

While this is a really efficient way of ensuring you have regular content being posted, manually posting stories (these can’t be scheduled in advance) offers a more authentic experience. It could also help you stand out from the competition if they aren’t posting stories too.

Though this is gaining in popularity, there is still less competition in the stories bar in comparison to a news feed!

Integrated marketing

Consumers want a seamless experience between all platforms – print and digital. It is excellent for brand consistency and a professional image.

It also ensures your message is the same across all channels and can be a fun way to enhance different marketing tools. For example, QR codes on leaflets or in magazines could lead to further information on a website, or a video that brings a product to life on a print advertisement.

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