Today, we’re all used to ordering products from around the world, and having them delivered exactly when we need them. However, how many of us actually stop to think about how they arrive at our doorsteps so seamlessly? In support of our client Vanderlande’s new movie campaign, the RED team has been hopping around Europe to see how its state-of-the-art technology is helping to keep goods moving.

Juan Alberto Recio

First up was a trip to Salamanca, in the heart of Spain, and a visit to the hospitable Juan Alberto Recio (Recio). The family-run company supplies perfumes and cosmetics to hundreds of its own stores, and thousands of wholesalers. As Paul and Glenn discovered, Recio needed a system to help it meet its continued growth. The answer… Vanderlande’s ADAPTO, which went live in summer 2015.

ADAPTO is a truly colossal warehousing system. In Recio’s facilities, 14 ingenious shuttles whizz around six aisles, offering access to over 10,000 storage locations. It was also configured to the exact layout of the warehouse, and improved productivity by 61.5%!


From there, it was time to head over to Germany and catch up with another company making great strides with ADAPTO – ifm. Situated in the progressive city of Essen, ifm is another family-owned company looking to the future. Having moved to new premises a few years ago, ifm needed a way of improving its operation. Step forward ADAPTO once more, which gives ifm rapid access to 8,000 different products on site.

Thank you

It was particularly impressive to see the speed and efficiency at which this ‘hidden world’ comes together. Overall, it has certainly given RED an amazing insight into how products move around the globe so quickly. We would like to thank everyone from Vanderlande, Recio and ifm for making Team RED feel so welcome.

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