More of us are flying than ever before, and we all want to have a stress-free time when we’re travelling. The RED team headed to Keflavík Airport in Iceland to see how it was improving the experience for its passengers.

Safety first

If ever an example was needed that air travel is on the rise, taking a quick trip to Keflavík Airport would be proof enough. It is expected to welcome over 10 million passengers this year, which is an incredible increase of 435% since 2010! It’s so busy because 95% of all visitors to the country have to pass through it.

Andy and Glenn were the RED representatives on site to see how Vanderlande was helping Keflavík cope with its massive growth. The main focus area for the guys this time was something that we’ve all had to experience at one time or another – the security checkpoint.

An early start

Keflavík has Vanderlande’s PAX OPTIMA solution, which was being used to create a stress-less environment for passengers. Its impact has been positive. Last summer, the average waiting time for 99% of passengers was less than ten minutes.

To film and photograph the lanes at peak times, Andy and Glenn had to be there at 6am to see them at full capacity. However, it was worth the early start, as they captured a terrific mix of visual and written materials.

The REDs were also fortunate to head inside the control tower for a quick tour, as well as being safely escorted around the apron to film some amazing take-offs and landings.

A special airport

The stars of the show were undoubtedly the hospitable staff at Keflavík Airport. In particular, two members of its management team – Árni Gísli Árnason and Hjalti Hjaltason – who made our visit such a success. Another special mention goes to Vanderlande’s Ariane, who we were delighted to work with once again.

See the results of the RED visit here.

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