The new normal

Even before COVID-19, more people than ever had started to work from home. Now, as measures are being taken to reduce the spread of the pandemic, we have all been forced to embrace working from home.

However, just because we’re social distancing, it doesn’t mean we can’t continue our creative and collaborative work as designers. We talk to Matt about his experiences of the ‘new normal’, and the techniques and tools he has been using to stay creative during lockdown.


My day begins with writing a to-do list to help me structure my workload. I do this on a ‘normal’ day in the office anyway and it was something I was mindful to keep up with at home. I spent the first few weeks downstairs on my dining room table, which was fine but a little dark.

Now, I start my day (on a good day) with sunshine streaming into my spare bedroom, and it’s made a massive difference. I’ve tried to keep to my routine as much as possible, but replacing the time I normally commute with exercising or catching up on some jobs around the house.


Anyone who has worked with me, probably knows that I like to talk through my projects. Whether it’s branding, brochures, animations or websites, I’ve always enjoyed talking to clients or colleagues about my ideas and coming up with creative solutions.

Obviously, one aspect of working from home is being away from colleagues. Here at RED we’ve been using Microsoft Teams for a while, but it’s really come into its own over the past few months. You can also check out our previous blog RED’s top tips on working from home, where we go into more detail about the tools we’ve been using to stay connected.


Working from home has certainly meant one thing… I’ve been in complete control of what’s coming out of the speakers. As well as listening to music, I’ve also been listening to a lot of inspirational and industry podcasts, and really enjoyed it. It’s given me some great new ideas about working ‘smarter’ and insights into the new tools and techniques used in the latest creative software updates.

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