“The flying rabbit”

When we travelled to Lyon earlier this year, we were indebted to the quick thinking and organisational skills of Charlotte, the local Hitachi dealer Teramat’s Marketing Coordinator.

In addition, she also took us for an overnight stay in a ski resort, introduced us to “the flying rabbit” (watch this short clip to see the what Charlotte associates with the word “RED”) and reacquainted us with a RED favourite, the raclette!

“Always look on the bright side” is one of our positive working mottos. This proved invaluable when we arrived at the freezing quarry near Saint Jean de Maurienne, which dates back to 1880.

We were scheduled to visit a new large Hitachi Zaxis-6 excavator working in the tough climate of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, but discovered that the site was in fact closed due to the wintry conditions.

Undeterred, Charlotte quickly arranged for us to meet the owner of Réné Apprin & Cie SAS, Pierre-Olivier Apprin, and salvage some PR materials – and then came Plan B… she had unearthed two more customers for us to visit in Lyon the next day.

Our thanks go to the owners and operators of both Société Lyonnaise de Travaux Publics and Millot TP for their cooperation on two demolition sites in different parts of the city.

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