Swiss family Probst

For RED, working in Switzerland with the authorised Hitachi dealer, Probst Maveg, is like visiting old friends who live abroad. After three incredibly productive days in the German and Italian parts of this beautiful country – linked by the 16.9 km-long (10.50-mile) Gotthard Road Tunnel – we agreed that the professionalism, enthusiasm and friendship exhibited by our hosts had reached new heights.

Happy customers

We saw four of Probst Maveg’s valued customers during our stay and a complete range of Hitachi construction machinery on some interesting and picturesque job sites. These are the perfect ingredients for our photographic, video and written materials, which are currently being read and viewed through Hitachi’s various communication channels.

So, it’s a huge thanks and much appreciation to Christoph, Michael and David for giving up their personal time and taking the trouble to make all of these special arrangements on our behalf. We are indebted to them for their collective organisation, communication, logistics and hospitality.

Stunning scenery

We were especially impressed with the relationships that they have in place with their customers to cement the success of the Hitachi brand in Switzerland. And from a personal point of view, Paul and Glenn came back with some amazing memories of the views over a sunny Lake Lugano in Autumn, and the amazing snow-topped Alpine view from their connecting flight back from Lugano to Zurich.

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