Social media cited as the most difficult marketing tool to master

Social media and SEO have been cited as the most difficult tactics to execute when it comes to digital marketing.

Ascend2 conducted a study (2016 State of Digital Marketing Survey), interviewing almost 300 marketing professionals to find out what they thought of the current landscape.

The study highlighted the two areas as the most challenging to marketers, particularly because they require time and skill that isn’t necessarily available internally.

The interviewees agreed that email and websites were easier to master, and also considered more affective.

Surveyees of Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report, also agreed with the sentiment that social media can present difficulties. Things have become increasingly more complex over the past year. Algorithms quickly evolve and change, and the rising importance of video poses difficulties.

An important tool for businesses

Another issue is the lack of measurable conversions to sales. However, social media is without a doubt an important tool. It allows businesses to engage with customers and build on brand awareness. It might be one of the most difficult tactics to execute, but it is an important one to master nonetheless.

“Social media has become a really important marketing tool,” says RED Digital Account Manager, Nicole Gallagher. “However, businesses that can devote time to analysing trends on their own pages – and keep abreast of external trends – are going to get the best results. It can be more scientific that you might think, especially with new algorithms popping up all time. You need someone dedicated to keeping a handle on new developments.”

How can we help?

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