Should you integrate social media on your website?

Are your social media feeds integrated with your website? Many of our clients have begun to use these feeds. It ensures their websites are updated and current at all times, encourages engagement and expands their community beyond the social media platforms.

Here’s why we think you should consider it too!

Keep your website up to date

Your social feeds are probably updated more frequently than your website or blog. Any business communicating on a digital level will know that social media is the easiest way to make regular announcements or promote products and services.

However, when you integrate your Twitter or Facebook feed, these more frequent updates filter through to your website. It also ensures that your message is always consistent across different platforms.

Build a community on your site

You don’t just have to use your own social media accounts as feeds. Businesses aiming to create a ‘fan’ community can create a custom hashtag. For example, travel website uses the hashtag #Icelollyloves on Instagram and encourages fans to use it too. They could choose to have all photos on Instagram, from any account, come up on their website.

User-generated content is an easy way of creating a sense of community. You also get regularly updated content with little work involved.

Add colour to your website without using space

An Instagram feed is a great way to add a gallery and colour to a website. Aside from the points mentioned above, it’s also a brilliant space-saver. You don’t have to go through the process of adding images to your website media library, and using up precious kilobytes. It will also prevent any web pages with a gallery from slowing down as a result of being image heavy, which in turn indirectly improves SEO.

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