At RED, we thrive on helping our clients to meet tight deadlines. Our recent trip to Schiphol Airport was an excellent example of how teamwork, communication and creativity turned an important movie project into a fun challenge.

A familiar sight

Andy and Glenn are no strangers to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. On their travels, the guys have passed through its doors on countless occasions to reach far-flung corners of Europe, and beyond. And they’re not alone… 63 million other passengers used the airport in 2016!

But the guys weren’t restricted to cappuccinos in the departures lounge this time. RED was on site on behalf of client Vanderlande, who had made a special request. We were asked to make a business case movie, which touched on the partnership between Schiphol and Vanderlande. Unbelievably, this is now in its 50th year.

So far so good for the team. However, the movie had to be filmed, edited and approved in a matter of days! The intention was to showcase the end result at an upcoming airports expo, with a delegation from Schiphol also in attendance.

Privileged access

Undaunted, Andy and Glenn were joined by a few of the team from Vanderlande as they began their descent into the baggage handling system. As readers of our Heathrow blog will know, a colossal network of conveyors, technology and people are needed to keep passengers with their bags.

Schiphol is no different, and it has recently completed a long-term project to ensure that it can handle a staggering 70 million bags a year. The highlights of the trip included the interviews with two senior figures from the airport. It was a privilege to hear about the airport’s vision, and what makes a business partnership successful.

The countdown begins

At the end of a busy trip, the team enjoyed a well-earned ‘World Famous Schnitzel’ (recommended!) nearby before heading home. However, there was no time to relax, and the countdown to the exhibition was on…

We’re happy to report that the movie was a success. All parties were delighted with the finished product. We’d like to thank everyone at Vanderlande and Schiphol for helping us to create a movie, a photographic portfolio and other written materials we are all proud of.

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