In the current climate, teams all over the world have settled into a new working from home (WFH) dynamic. For those new to it, especially small teams who are used to working closely together, clear communication has become crucial.

Managing this through email alone can be tricky as workloads can go off track and miscommunications can easily occur. However, there are many tools out there designed to keep us connected and focused, ensuring that nothing slips the net.

Project management

RED uses: Basecamp

At RED, our ethos is to work with clients as a true extension of their teams. That’s why we use Basecamp, in order to stay up to date on projects. This is a cloud-based project management tool that offers a range of features for creating, communicating and monitoring key projects. Teams can hold conversation threads, create to-do lists, assign responsibilities and upload files.

Some project management software can look more like the dashboard of a cockpit than a project list. We favour Basecamp for its simple design and navigation. In addition, everything is in one interface with no unnecessary or complex analytical features.

Other tools to consider:

Trello has high popularity worldwide, also because of its simple design. This software helps users keep on track with tasks in a single view of project boards, which look like virtual sticky notes.

Messaging and video calls

RED uses: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that offers instant messaging, file sharing, and video and voice conference calling features. The Teams app integrates with all the Office online apps and allows you to add as many as 300 people to your network of contacts.

Teams is a great tool to stay connected to your colleagues and offers a much more instant alternative to email. However, in relation to other key players such as Slack, Teams is relatively young in its development. This comes with some limitations, such as the app’s tendency to glitch during conference calls and the limited number of video screens visible for teams any larger than four.

RED also likes: Zoom

For pure conference and call communications, Zoom is the world’s current favourite. It is well ahead of the game with multiple video call screens of up to 70 with minimal glitching and bugs to contend with.

With remote tools such as these, RED is staying productive, happy and adapting to WFH much easier.

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