Like many businesses, RED has been following the Government’s strong advice on COVID 19 and will be working from home for the foreseeable future to keep ourselves and those around us safe.

For those of us who aren’t used to working from home, we’ve been figuring out how to stay productive in our personal spaces. Finding yourself in your new home office this week? The RED team has some top tips on how you can maximise your new “working-from-home” status… 

Andy D: “I’ve been home-based for nearly 20 years and structure is everything. What works for me is starting early, with concentrated bursts of activity, and frequent breaks for fresh air and coffee. I’d also recommend ‘hot-desking’ around your house depending on the natural light and your mood. Don’t keep crisps or chocolate in the house either, only healthy snacks, or you know what’ll happen…!”

Kerrie: “Take breaks and stand up! It’s really easy while working at home to stay sat at your desk for way too long. So take regular screen breaks, stand up when talking to colleagues on the phone, and take drink and snack breaks away from your computer. Laptops don’t like liquids!”

Vicky: “It’s important to have a dedicated work space… this this has been challenging as a mum and having the kids at home with me. However, I have been giving them a structured day, which enables me to get on with work!”

Andy L: “My top tip would be to keep up your sense of humour and stay happy! To break up the day, I’ve been making time to play games with my daughter Serena in the morning and afternoon, which is really morale-boosting and gives me a break from the screen.”

Nicole: “For me, it would be getting dressed for work and making sure you’re ready for the day ahead. Sitting in your pyjamas all day is not very motivating and isn’t advisable for that last-minute video call!”

Paul: “From a professional point of view, aim to keep as positive as possible by communicating with everyone in your network and reminding yourself that this is only a temporary situation (short-term pain, long-term gain) AND privately, play with the kids and dogs on a regular basis to remind you about the important things in life!”

Matt: “For me, it’s all about staying connected to my team, which helps me keep my mind on work. FaceTime colleagues and keep up to date with what everyone is up to. Don’t just talk about work and have some chat about the weekend etc. On making the shift to home working, I’ve set RED up with Microsoft Teams, and we’re sharing the experience together and make time for a team video call every day.”

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