Why does RED love Finland?

At RED, we’re always happy to receive an invitation to Finland. The Finns are not only hospitable, but they share our passion for creativity and innovation. Andy and Glenn were on a mission to generate engaging content for client Vanderlande.

Exciting projects

Helsinki Airport is a familiar sight to RED’s more frequent travellers. Over the years, we’ve passed through its gates many times to see an exciting range of projects. This time, Andy and Glenn were with our client Malou to visit a unique warehouse operation near the town of Riihimäki.

Located 45 miles north of the capital, Riihimäki was once famous for manufacturing glass, with some of its pieces highly collectible today. However, the guys were more interested in gathering marketing materials at a local distribution centre operated by Würth Oy.

Telling stories

If you’re storing thousands of items, you need a state-of-the-art system to get hold of them quickly! That’s where Vanderlande’s ADAPTO solution comes in handy. The RED team was given special access to film the new system in action.

There were plenty of stories to hear, particularly from CEO Mika Rantanen. His father had been in charge of Würth Oy before him. Andy was on-hand to conduct the interviews, as well as provide editorial and production support. Meanwhile, Glenn worked his usual magic to secure the on-location photography and videography.

More success

Needless to say, the Finnish people were as welcoming and professional as always. Ville Turunen and Terhi Vesala were a delight to work with, and contributed to another enjoyable visit to the country. The question is: when can we go back?

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