RED turns five with Charlotte

RED is turning five this month! We’ve decided to throwback to when the RED team was five to celebrate RED’s birthday.

What are your memories of being five?

I grew up on a farm and spent as much time as possible playing outside, helping my dad with the animals. I was a true tomboy and would always be climbing trees, walking the dogs or playing hide and seek. We used to have a goat that stood on the back of our pony Sam – it’s one of my earliest memories!

If you could be a five years old for one day, what would you do?

I would do exactly the same as I did when I was five! You never seemed to worry about anything at that age – you just enjoyed each day.

What are your five favourite movies?

Meet Joe Black is my absolute favourite film, followed by The Bodyguard, The Notebook and (stereotypically) Dirty Dancing. I’m a huge fan of Miss Saigon, which has recently been released on DVD too.

What was your favourite song at five?

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston – a complete coincidence that it’s from one of my favourite films.

What is the difference between five-year-olds today and when you were young?

I feel like children now are so grown up, taking an interest in fashion, technology and social activities. I don’t remember ever being aware of any of those aspects of life when I was that age – I just remember my parents telling me what to do… while I was more bothered about playing outside.

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