RED turns five with Nicole

RED is turning five this month! We’ve decided to throwback to when the RED team was five to celebrate RED’s birthday.

What has changed in the world since you were five?

Although I consider myself to be a child of the internet age, it wasn’t so readily available when I was five. We played out more, although we still had some aspects of technology that were probably relatively new, such as VHS and CDs.

I think back in 1995 society was already a bit more liberal and aware of the importance of things like equality for different sub groups, so perhaps that has just evolved.

What are your memories of being five?

I remember watching Kyle Minogue’s music videos on a VHS tape all the time. I used to be a highland dancer too (I grew up in north Scotland) and I remember going to my classes for that.

If you could be a five-year-old for one day, what would you do?

Watch movies and eat chocolate and sweets all day… with no consequences.

What are your five favourite movies?

I really like Spinal Tap and Nightmare Before Christmas – they are always at the top. Then it is interchangeable. I’d go for a big mix of movies like Selma, Spotlight and (my guilty pleasure) Pitch Perfect.

What are your five favourite songs?

Distant Sun by Crowded House and High by Lighthouse Family are consistent favourites. I love anything by Sara Bareilles, but my favourite is I Choose You. My favourite band at the moment are Don Broco, so the other two favourites will probably be two of theirs, maybe Actors and Further.

What is the difference between five-year-olds today and when you were young?

I don’t think there is such a big difference. I think five-year-olds today have more technology at their disposal and better dress sense than I had.

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