Picturesque quarries are a favourite destination of the RED team. The spectacular Guena granite quarry near Brest in Brittany is no exception. Hitachi’s large Zaxis excavators are among the best products on the market for such challenging working conditions. It is an honour to see them working in their natural rugged habitat.

A highlight of the year

We are also privileged to be invited – in this case by the Sotravi Group – to such special places that we would never see if it wasn’t for our association with Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV… and local dealer, Cobemat. Off the beaten track, it was a highlight of the year to see our first Zaxis-6 (or ZX530LCH-6 to be precise) excavator working on site at Saint-Renan in the most westerly part of France.

Guena quarry

We were located only 15km from Brest, where we stayed for the duration of the shoot. Guena quarry had originally opened in 1945 to help supply the vast quantities of aggregrates that were required to rebuild the city. Brest was almost totally destroyed during the Second World War. Following the conflict, large parts of the Brest emerged with utilitarian granite and concrete buildings.

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