NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG movie

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Company: NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Industries: healthcare

Solution: design and movies

Background: NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has a duty to commission the right care for the whole of East Riding. A large part of its role includes reviewing urgent care services in the region to ensure it is safe, sustainable and affordable.

The challenge

A movie was required to highlight the benefits of proposed changes to Urgent Care within the East Riding, and promote a public consultation.

The solution

Interviewing members of the CCG (including local GPs) and asking them to explain what changes were being made and why. NHS patients who have benefitted from the new services were also questioned to give positive testimonials.

The result

An informative movie, educating audiences on proposed changes and encouraging engagement within the public consultation. The video was showcased around all public drop-in events, as well as being shared across platforms to promote the public consultation. It contributed to over 800 responses.