Motu Tony Financial Services Website

From full-back to finance

Company: Motu Tony Financial Services

Industriesfinancial services

Solution: digital media, design

Background: Motu Tony Financial Services provides support and advice to individuals and families with a Pacific Island heritage. The business was founded by former New Zealand and Hull FC rugby league star Motu Tony.

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The challenge

After previously working with Motu on a similar project for O.P.P. Consultancy, he asked RED to create a confident, lively brand and website for his new financial advisory business. The site needed a strong identity that reflected Motu’s career and family heritage.

The solution

RED developed a website and designed a logo that exuded a playful style, but retained a strong authoritative presence to represent Motu’s financial experience and expertise. Animated content appears throughout the site, aided by a smooth scrolling feature. The website also uses an illustrative style to convey Motu’s business philosophy in a recognisable way.

The result

As requested by the client, Motu can now manage the site, as well as add new content, himself. Since the website has gone live, he has received high praise from professional athletes and peers in the financial industry alike. The site has also been the ideal platform for Motu to establish his financial services business.