IHC IQIP corporate brochure

A fresh approach

Company: IHC IQIP

Industriesoffshore oil and gas, offshore wind and renewables, costal and civil

Solution: copywriting

Background: IHC IQIP was founded in 2015 following the merger of four former Royal IHC business units. Its activities include maritime installations and decommissioning.

The challenge

As a relatively new organisation, IHC IQIP prepared a number of core communication materials. One of these documents was its corporate brochure, which IQIP wanted to contain a completely new look, feel and tone of voice.

The solution

In line with IQIP’s dynamic communication concept, we wrote a complete corporate brochure that was bold, inventive, and stood out from the competition. Our copy also aligned perfectly with the brochure’s exciting visuals.

The result

Our client was highly satisfied with the content we created. Not only was the new corporate brochure delivered ahead of schedule, but it showed IQIP that an adventurous approach could be successful. Due to its bold and authoritative style, it is also helping to position IQIP as a confident innovator in its challenging markets.