IHC innovation blogs

Customised content

Company: Royal IHC

Industriesdredging, mining and offshore

Solution: copywriting

Background: Royal IHC is a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the maritime market

The challenge

As part of the ongoing editorial support we provide to our client IHC, we are asked to create blogs from the longer articles that we write and are first published in its customer magazine, Insight

The solution

Working closely with IHC, we regularly tailor magazine-style content for an online audience. The blogs are consistent with IHC’s tone of voice and pay particular attention to readability and style.   

The result

IHC has been continually impressed with RED’s ability to meet its deadlines. The blogs we create are the chief source of content within the ‘Innovation’ section of the company’s website. They are also an effective and engaging method of reaching a wider audience regarding the company’s ideas and achievements.