Our Favourite Christmas Advertisements

Since it’s almost Christmas, we have all discussed our favourite Christmas advertisements from over the years, from back into the 80s/90s through to current date. We are all definitely in the Christmas spirit  after the nostalgic and festive blasts from the past.


“My all-time favourite Christmas advert is the 2014 Sainsbury’s 1914 advert. Sainsbury’s definitely served up a heart wrencher with this advert – it gets me every time. I love this Christmas advert as it not only shows a significant and emotional moment in our history, but it highlights how Christmas can bring people together, even in the hardest and of toughest times.”



“I love the classic 1995 ‘Holidays are coming’ Coca-Cola ad. I was five when the original one came out in 1995, so it epitomises the start of the festive season for me. The famous illuminated Christmas Coca-Cola trucks started doing the rounds the same year to coincide with the ad. Although they never made it as far north as Aberdeenshire where I grew up, so the magic was all on the TV screen.

A lot of the current Christmas ads of the 21st century have intricate stories and important messages behind them. However, I still enjoy the simplicity of the snowy trees, twinkling lights, baubles and sound of sleigh bells as the red trucks go past.”



“My favourite Christmas advert is the 2019 John Lewis’ Edgar advert. Although this isn’t one of John Lewis’ classic tearjerkers, it’s humorous approach and the combination of Bastille’s Dan Smith’s cover of REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling and the friendship and inclusion alongside a heap of festive goodwill, is the reason it is one of my favourites.”



“My favourite Christmas advert is the 2011 John Lewis advert, The Long Wait. In this John Lewis ad, featuring a cover of The Smiths’ ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’, a little boy can’t wait for Christmas Day, however the twist is that he’s not excited to open his presents, but to give his parents a gift. The reason I love it so much is because it reminds me of the anticipation I felt as a child, as if Christmas day would never arrive. I used to buy sweets which came with animal ornaments and gift them to my parents and I couldn’t wait to see their reaction to these garish figures. They acted as if it was the best present they had ever received, which to my enjoyment of an already special day.”



“I love Christmas ads ! so it was very hard to pick my favourite … but John Lewis the Man on the moon one is one of my favourites, along with Supervalu Christmas Ad 2020 both pull on your heartstrings and make you think of the most important things at Christmas which for me is spending time with my family.”



“My favourite Christmas advert is a close call between the classic 1995 Coca-Cola ‘The holidays are coming’ ad and the 2016 Waitrose ‘Home for Christmas’ advert. The Waitrose advert is an epic story of a robin (a bird that is very close to my heart) and what Christmas is all about, just being together!”



“My favourite Christmas ad may not actually be specifically for Christmas but it reminds me of the 1980s, and the final days leading up to the big day, when the Radio Times published all the films and Christmas specials that would be coming on screen – and my brothers and I would be highlighting the ones we absolutely couldn’t miss: Top of The Pops, Only Fool and Horses, whatever James Bond films, Star Wars… then we’d get a new batch of blank video tapes, complete with stickers, to record them all on. The Scotch Video skeleton told us we could re-record on these for a lifetime…”







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