Nicole’s five-year anniversary!

Our Senior Digital Account Manager, Nicole Gallagher, recently celebrated her five-year anniversary at RED! She looks back on her highlights from the past half-decade.

When did you start working at RED?

I started working at RED in May 2016. I’d previously worked with fellow RED, Andy Lynch, and he got in touch to say there was a position he thought would be perfect for me. I came in for a brief chat with some of the team and an interview, and the rest is history.

How has your role changed since then?

My role has changed greatly – partially due to the nature of digital marketing – so both clients and RED need to keep pace. My role has definitely become more varied over the years, but this is something I love about it.

How has your skillset developed?

I don’t think you ever stop developing your skillset in a marketing role, particularly in an agency where you need to grow alongside your clients. So, I’m learning all the time.

Before I started at RED, my experience revolved around blogging and email newsletter creation. I dabbled in social media and had been assisting with some PPC campaigns. I also trained as a journalist, in both print and broadcast.

Since working at RED, I’ve grown in all these areas but also become self-sufficient in using all those skills to create successful multi-channel campaigns and report on them. I’ve also studied with Google and achieved the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and PPC (Search) certifications.

How have you changed as a person working at RED?

I’ve become more confident, which is probably age-related and I’ve also achieved a lot in my personal life. I ventured into home ownership, got married, travelled to Europe, Asia and USA, and ran my first marathon.

My increased confidence has also come with on-the-job experience. I’ve seen first-hand the success that the campaigns we’ve created for clients have achieved. All the time I’ve spent pouring over different analytics has given me a chance to objectively understand what works well and allows me to put forward our recommendations.

Working with such friendly people – from the clients and my colleagues, to our suppliers and the people we meet on shoots – has helped nurture my people skills too. You have to be able to communicate efficiently as an account manager, and it’s definitely made easier when you’re surrounded by good, fun people.

What has been your highlight so far?

I love to travel, so my highlights are closely tied to that. It’s also really exciting to see our clients’ products in action, because so much of my day revolves around them! Visiting the Bauma exhibition in Munich with Hitachi was a highlight – the stand was incredible and it’s always great to catch up with our clients in person.

What is the best thing about working at RED?

I have close friendships with the team, and that’s really important to me personally, but also helps with work because we can communicate well. Equally, I really like our clients on a personal level too, they’re fun and easy to work with.

What’s next for you at RED? What would you like achieve?

I’d like to keep upskilling and adding new services to my repertoire.

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