My first 6 months at RED:

Freja is RED’s first ever apprentice and joined our team in the summer of 2022. She helps manage the social media and online presence of some of our international clients. After six months of working with us, Freja has shared her experience so far.

My name is Freja, I’m 21 and I’m currently completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with RED through Hull Business Training Centre.
Like RED, I’m based in South Cave and am local to the area of East Yorkshire, having grown up in a village down the road. I’ve always loved all things digital and creative, but never took this hobby seriously until recently. For my GCSEs, I studied PE, Spanish and Product design. At A Level, I chose PE, Law and Psychology.
I went on to study Sport Rehabilitation at The University of Hull with the hopes of becoming a PE teacher. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic soon hit and with face-to-face study taking a backseat, I decided this wasn’t the right environment for me. During the pandemic, I started drawing a lot and even sold some of my digital artwork. I also began managing the social media accounts of a few small businesses.

I decided I wanted a job that excited me. Thankfully, I found RED and reached out to them with my CV and portfolio. After meeting with two of my new colleagues, they offered me the opportunity to complete my apprenticeship.

My first six months at RED have flown by, and I can’t thank RED enough for being so welcoming. I’ve already developed many new skills and I can’t wait to see what the future here holds.

So far, I’ve been able to complete a Google Garage certification in Digital Marketing, which was a great way for someone like me to gain more knowledge. I’ve also attended lessons with Hull Business Training Centre about customer life cycles, marketing tools, PPC and much more. I’ve been able to implement this new knowledge into my work at RED, which has been fantastic.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great clients on lots of projects and connect with like-minded individuals. I’m excited to do this more in the future.

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