Jon Brown

Jon began his career as a studio-based commercial photographer in 2004, working with a wide range of clients including the UK’s National Health Service, McCain and Swift Group.

Since then, he has become established in his own right as a successful photographer and videographer, and regularly travels to work on site in countries across Europe and Africa.

RED Factfile

Best thing about working with RED

Travelling to far-reaching and exotic places, and the team of course.


Most interesting assignment

A customer visit to Greenland.

Favourite RED item

Ryan Giggs’ No. 11 shirt.


Claim to fame

I was an extra in the movie Little Voice – sat behind Michael Caine. If you pause it on exactly the right frame you can see the back of my head!


It’s tied between Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan and David Attenborough.


Desert island disc

Tough question! It’s more albums for me. Pearl Jam (Ten), Bob Dylan (Blonde on Blonde), Doors (Waiting for the Sun) and David Bowie (Changes) are all up there.