Marketing trends for 2020

After a busy 2019, we look ahead at a number of key trends that will affect the world of marketing in the next 12 months.

Precision digital

Whatever your digital strategy for the year ahead, content will remain its beating heart. If you’re aiming to boost traffic, conversions or engagement, your message must always be informative.

Continue to build a rapport with your audience across all social media platforms and keep producing content of relevance to (potential) customers.

In practical terms, video is an absolute must. The bottom line is that we’re more likely to engage with visual content, so whatever your objectives for 2020, video must play a leading role.

With this in mind, also aim for variety, for example animations and ‘how-to’ guides, and tailor your message to each platform accordingly.

Excellent news for copywriters

However, all this isn’t to negate the ‘power of the pen’. There was an assumption that people wanted to read less and less text in recent times, but it’ll be quite the reverse this year!

Long-form content is gathering momentum and will be an ideal option for those who want to maximise their SEO activities.

This is because longer content ranks highly, and Google recently decided that longer materials are more likely to contain useful information.

Let’s be honest, short texts are really only for people who want quick answers! In the B2B market, you want readers who are committed to giving you their full attention.

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