Lights, Camera, Action

Boon Edam’s Tandi Rowe gives a behind-the-scenes account of a recent project we took part in at the prestigious Fortnum & Mason restaurant in London. RED headed to the capital to film, photograph and research the bespoke, timber and brass revolving door, supplied by our client Boon Edam to 45 Jermyn Street.

Global marketing recently spent some time in central London filming the custom-made, timber and brass revolving door at 45 Jermyn Street. The high-end production has been a proud collaboration between Yorkshire-based production house, Red International Marketing and Communication Agency and ourselves.

Conquering a city of red tape

Thanks to the determination of our UK office, we received permission to shoot at this prestigious location, and were able to showcase this one-of-a-kind revolving door in action. London has a reputation of being one of the most difficult cities to shoot footage in, as the regulations and safety requirements are tightly controlled. We are, understandably, thrilled with the end result.

On top of the (tourism bus) world

To meet the brief of showcasing a quintessential English project, we spend a few hours on top of a double-decker tourist bus getting the introduction shots in the bag. We caught the bus from Saint Pauls and headed right up to the open-air top level. Glenn Blackburn – director of photography for RED – was very enthusiastic about capturing interesting camera angles for us, which resulted in being reprimanded a couple of times to ’sit down!’ by the tour operator. We were all thankful for the glorious warm, sunny day London rewarded us with. If you have not done this tour ride – I can highly recommend it on your next visit.

Unexpected visitors cast onto the sidewalk

Our small team of 3 arrived on the location late one Sunday afternoon (we could only get permission to shoot in this busy restaurant after hours), only to be told we were not expected and could not get permission to enter and shoot. This left us standing on the sidewalk with all our camera equipment feeling a little shell-shocked. Thanks to the hasty action of company owner, Paul Farmer, we managed to make our way through Scotland Yard-style security and get the permission we needed to spend an hour filming inside.

Comfortably numb

The final memorable moment of this production was when we were all set to interview Lisa Phillips, Head of Property at Fortnum and Mason. We were directed to the most magnificent wine cellar underneath the legendary department store. There we set up the interview room with our cameras and waited for our client to arrive. Lisa had been delayed at an emergency dental appointment and arrived barely able to speak because of the anaesthetic she had to be given for her procedure! She was amazing and a real trooper – she asked us to spend an hour in the store, which we absolutely loved (and all walked out with bags of treats to take home). After an hour she returned and proceeded to grant us a real, honest interview. We were so grateful.

Happy client. Happy production team. It’s a wrap.

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