Spending a day at the beach in the sunshine in Weston-super-mare might not sound like a hard day’s work, but at RED we’ll do whatever it takes for our client, HCME. When we heard a new Hitachi ZW310-6 wheel loader would be helping to build the course for the Weston Beach Race last month, we headed to the coast to see it in action.

The UK’s biggest off-road motorcycle event

Creating the 15km track for the UK’s biggest off-road motorcycle event requires moving 200,000 tonnes of sand. The Hitachi wheel loader was used to create mounds of sand to be shaped by excavators and dozers into jumps.

A successful day in Weston-super-mare

We got some fantastic photography and video, and interesting interviews with owners Keyway Group, to prepare numerous marketing materials to promote the new -6 model. Thanks to Keyway, Hitachi Construction Machinery (UK), and Dale Hawkins of UK Plant Operators, for a special day out at the seaside!

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