InspiRED: we talk inspiration with Mark Minichiello

As the proud personal sponsor of Hull FC star, Mark Minichiello, we’ve decided to launch a brand new RED series of interviews to help you get to know him even better.

Covering everything from aspirations to family history, we’ve invited Mark to our REDquarters to delve a bit deeper into what makes the player tick.

Over at HQ we’re RED through and through, constantly aiming to leave you inspiRED, desiRED and admiRED – from the daREDevils in the studio, to the incREDibles and RED devil himself. So we decided to find out if the black and whites’ star had a bit of red in him too.

In the first instalment, we’re starting with his biggest life inspirations…

Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

My parents and the way they’ve brought me up – the work ethic they’ve instilled in me. They’ve always worked really hard to give us everything they could and put us on the right foot to follow, so they’ve been a big inspiration to myself throughout my life.

What inspired you to become a rugby player?

I started playing when I was six years old – just to play with my mates. From there I grew into loving the sport. I’ve played it ever since I was six. When you do something and you do it well, the love for the game continues to grow.

Growing up watching it and seeing rugby league players playing the game, it inspires you to want to be like that and do the best you can. The love for the sport was the main reason I got into it.

How do you feel about being a role model to young fans?

I like it. I think I’ve had a really good career with no real blemishes through my sporting life. It’s really important to make sure you can show kids that people who play at the highest level can be good people as well.

There are many sports people who perhaps don’t behave as they should, and they’re the ones that get the headlines, but I’ve been the type that’s tried to do everything right by the sport and the fans.

Hopefully kids can look up to people like myself, rather than the guys that take the other road and get themselves into trouble.

I love seeing kids smile and the excitement it brings when they get to meet certain players, so I guess it all comes with the territory.

Do you think sports stars are good models to look up to?

I think they are. There are a small minority of players in all sports that tend to give us a bad name, but overall there are many good people in sport. You learn so many good life lessons playing in a team environment, such as the discipline and dedication it takes to get the top – there are some things kids can learn and enjoy along the way.

If you’re part of a professional sporting outfit or an athlete, you can go away from that role and you can take all those lessons you’ve learnt and put them into a workplace. As an employee you’re going to be better if you have done all the work that needs to be done to become a professional sportsman too.

What one value or motto do you want to instil in young people?

I believe that you can achieve whatever you want to in life as long as you believe in your own ability, and trust yourself enough to go ahead and strive for that dream.

You need to be dedicated, hard working and focused on what you really want. If you’re not focused on this, then distractions will play a key role in taking you off your track.

You’re going to have to sacrifice many things to get what you want. Some people don’t realise the sacrifice it takes to become the best.

If I could instil anything, it’s that you can achieve your dreams as long as you’re willing to believe, trust and focus on what you want.

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