Possibilities, innovations and pioneering endeavours

The tenth issue of IHC’s customer magazine, Insight, looks at the future of the company’s markets, namely dredging, mining and offshore.

While researching and conducting interviews with IHC specialists, and writing the articles for this issue, the RED editorial team learnt a great deal about its current projects and achievements.

For example, how it’s helping to develop sustainable technology for the deep-sea mining market. Also, its unique subsea tool for the offshore oil industry that enhances safety and reduces costs. And how it’s playing a key role in the dredging industry, not least with the development of the world’s first LNG-fuelled hopper dredgers.

The result is an inspiring mix of possibilities, innovations and pioneering endeavours, and a great showcase of the company’s capabilities – the ideal issue to distribute at this year’s Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

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